#TMWA is a Starfish

I have been asked similar questions before so I thought I’d share my thinking. Here’s what people say to me often,

“Why do you do all this extra work with TeachMeets for free. You should make it a business, you already have the reputation.”

That has never been my intention or any of us who made it happen.

We wanted to make a difference in the education landscape of WA. We wanted to coordinate free pl for teachers by teachers for all sectors. We wanted teachers to find support within our profession locally and encourage global connections.

I derive pure satisfaction out of inspiring teachers to take risks, keeping them informed, continually questioning them and giving opportunities to reflect and have healthy conversations about where our teaching need to head given that the future for our students is uncertain.

There are some core beliefs I have and I continually share them with you.

TeachMeets are not built to promote one person or another, the reason we started TeachMeets was to empower teachers to take control over their own pl, personalized pln. I am pleased to say, WA has hosted nearly 50 TMWA events of which most are to sold out crowds, have so many Twitter followers and Facebook group members, many organic relationships have formed as a result of TMWA.

TMWA core drivers at this stage are Maree Whiteley​, Gabrielle Trinca​ and I but I am sure as we go through the journey this may change and there may be new drivers. TMWA is not reliant on one or the other. You all own it, you can all run with it. TMWA is compared to the starfish model in comparison to the spider model. It is self sustainable. You are all TMWA.

So I don’t know if I actually answered that question but I hope I’ve shared my passion for it.


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